Daring the ordinary

A bold and sensual aesthetic enhances linear but at the same time refined shapes;
bright materials, crushed effects and volumetric textures become protagonists, and allow who wear them to reinterpret themselves;
storage pockets, interchangeable accessories, removable chains play on the silhouettes to create a personal and unique product.

From Glam to Underground, the Marina C bag takes on multiple forms, to stand up to today's dynamic and contemporary woman: a woman who challenges the ordinary urban romanticism, and who mixes and reinterprets styles and trends without fear.

The mother daughter creative duo

Thus, the creative director, Violetta Marzialetti, reinterprets elegance and attention to detail with complete respect for the artisan tradition, handed down from mother to daughter.
The creative duo works together on every collection and every collection becomes a way tochallenge their own tastes and visions, a way of rediscover themselves.

A journey towards lightness and maximum expression.

Experiences are the starting point of Violetta's work: remembering and reinterpreting what she has seen during stays and trips.

Main source of inspiration, the city: the lights of the night, the colors that characterize it, closed and open spaces telling something about it, the people who walk its streets.

And the music, with influences ranging from disco to more electronic sounds.

The fragments of different European capitals, from the streets to the most popular clubs between London, Berlin and Madrid, intertwine in the study of ever new geometries and shapes, and in the selection of materials, which embrace lightness and refinement.