Daring the ordinary

The collection draws its development from the search fornew, almost architectural, shapes and from the love andcommitment to art.Strong but clean lines, asymmetries, geometric games arethe common thread of the collection, synonymous with aneffortless chic, carefully studied & reminiscent of the 90s.

Bright materials, marble surfaces, wrinkled effects andvolumetric textures become protagonists, giving the bag asculptural and glam look at the same time. Colors, bold, & contrasting, accessories and textures ofmaterials, are used to express the character of the bag and thewearer.The woman's body and its parts become protagonists and arereinterpreted in completely new and unusual structures, whichalmost seem to adp to it.

Marina C mixes and reinterprets different aesthetics with the vision of enhancing the harmony of contrasts.
Classic, Glam & Underground, the bag takes on multiple forms, acting as a spokesperson for the distinctive features of the wearer.