Tradition makes the difference

Our processes are always followed by expert craftsmen, who guide us in our choices since the sampling phase: from construction to the choice of materials, each prototype is carefully studied and assessed before becoming part of a collection.
Our cutters select high quality leather, coming from certified tanneries, choosing only those subject to he least possible waste in the cutting phase.

The “maximum instead of minimum” philosophy

Marina C is strongly committed to valorizing raw materials as much as possible: stocks of unused leather, both from tanneries and brand’s production plants are recovered and reintroduced into the production cycle.

Limited edition series, available in ever-changing quantities -or even more one-of-a-kind projects, made from small offcuts and leftovers- become a way, for our customers, to distinguish themselves with an eye towards safeguarding the planet.

Local production

We carry on solid collaborations with local companies, supporting 0 km production, totally concentrated in the leather goods district of marche region: this allows us to reduce transport and support the local economy.